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Reducing costs through energy efficiency consulting and BIM modeling.

Our energy efficiency consulting is driven by our customer centric company culture and innovation. We incorporate powerful technologies such as BIM modeling and AEC generative design to accomplish an energy efficiency solutions that drive down your costs and improves your ROI. Our customer success is defined by accomplishing energy efficiency and measurable ROI for building owners. Our core skill is in reducing energy consumption in an optimal way, construction costs and time through AEC Generative Design in Autodesk® Revit® and BIM modeling.

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Our civil engineers and architects get that the model when right when costs and time have been optimized. Our models always offer optimization of energy efficiency and AEC solutions, speed up job completion time, and cost saving.

Generative Design in Autodesk® Revit® and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are important tools for the AEC industry as it allows all parties to collaborate and design better and more affordably. BIM collaboration is core to any AEC project in the 21st century. At RELYSM, we know how challenging it can be to keep up with everybody’s expectations throughout the whole building experience. From investors to every other on-site construction agent and from the design phase to the maintenance and usage phase, we offer client first oriented solutions for each and every step of the project. We are going to be your best choice if you are going for quality yet fast, humanly touch yet professional and fast yet perfectly crafted BIM solutions.

RELYSM is composed of energy efficiency engineers and architects that are obsessed with improving ROI and reducing facility management cost. Our culture is about customer success and innovation. Our senior BIM modelers merge their experience with generative design in Revit to bring optimal energy efficiency in building assets. Our team have seen a diverse range of projects and bring this know-how to each project reducing costs and time in construction while offering professional and accurate solutions throughout the whole process.

Our end to end Generative Design in Autodesk® Revit® and BIM solutions have a strong foundation and are developed through BSI (buildingSMART International) standards and more. We cover the full BIM lifecycle through our diverse and specialized team.

Achieving Energy Efficiency through BIM

Our data analysis in BIM based energy simulation allows us to accomplish optimal energy efficiency of your building assets. Our energy efficiency engineers, architects and BIM modelers will accomplish reducing energy consumption in your building asset. Energy Efficiency design is a niche field that drives great ROI over the entire building lifecycle. We use innovative technologies such as AEC generative design and BIM so we can get energy efficiency right. It’s not just about modeling, but about understanding your clients needs and applying knowledge from different disciplines and experience to reduce project costs and time. To put it in other words, our EE (energy efficiency) BIM solutions are customer oriented, we believe we got EE BIM done right when we have made the client happy. Our customers needs drive our proprietary EE BIM modeling methodology and our company culture. Our talented energy efficiency AEC team are trained in identifying what our clients need and then apply their BIM skills to accomplish finding solutions. By applying energy efficiency simulation through BIM our team can improve your companies ROI and facility management experience. Relysm’s customer centric culture and highly skilled and experienced talent pool accomplish optimal energy efficiency through BIM.

Energy Efficiency Consulting and Design through BIM

Achieving Energy Efficiency and sustainability in Building Assets through FULL BIM Lifecycle solutions and Innovation

Our talented teams cover the full spectrum of BIM solutions. 3D – 6D/7D BIM modeling, BIM Software development, and BIM innovation. All industries are being disrupted by digital based technologies and the AEC industry is not exempt. Innovation is a requirement to stay competitive in the 21st century.

Our BIM solutions

BIM Modeling 3D-6/7D
BIM Clash Detections
Optimal MEP BIM
On-site BIM support
Laser Scanning – Scan to BIM
BIM Auditing
VDC and BIM coordination
Content Creation
BIM for PreFabrication and more
Cost Planning and Estimation
BIM for FM (Facility Management)
BIM Software development
BIM Staffing

Why Relysm?

10 years of experience, Senior civil engineers and architects dedicated to optimal energy efficiency, reduced costs and measurable ROI for building owners.


Specialized Engineers dedicated to Energy Efficiency Engineering

Relysm boutique consulting services are composed of specialized engineers and architects dedicated to energy efficiency.

Right Methodology

Reduce Energy and Construction Costs and time with EE, AEC Generative Design and BIM

Our energy efficiency consulting is powered by our proprietary technologies and methodologies. AEC Generative design and BIM modeling drive the success of our energy efficiency consulting. It is about “going slow” to then “go fast” to then achieve “optimal energy efficiency. If you get the model right, the construction costs drop and the time to completion also drops.

Global Team

Global and Local.
Best of both worlds

Our offices in the US and worldwide ensure a best of both worlds. Construction is going digital. Teams can be local and international.

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Accomplish optimal energy efficient by working with the right methodology and right team

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    Frequently asked questions

    BIM modeling FAQ.

    How is the MEP BIM Modeling sector evolving?

    “While MEP BIM modeling has been around for over a decade, the “evolved MEP BIM Modeling service” offers high critical thinking engineering in the BIM modeling phase. In other words, the high quality engineering is defined in the actual MEP BIM model instead of just having a junior modeler complete the MEP BIM Model checklist. A senior MEP contractor transmits his or her know-how to the BIM modeler to guarentee an ideal MEP solution.