Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a solar panel cleaning robot?

There are about 15 solar panel cleaning robotic manufacturers on the market and each installation is unique and not every robot works on every installation. However that being said, here is a quick list of values.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning Robots cost about USD $20,000 – USD $40,000

Utility Scale solar panel cleaning robots cost about USD $20,000 – USD $75,000

The cost of a solar panel cleaning robot should be analyzed comparing its cost to its productivity rate and the cost of spare parts. There are lots of robots on the market that have high “wear & tear” expenses and low upfront cost. If you would like to have the complete market study of what each robot really costs, feel free to reach out to us at

Top supplier of solar robotic cleaning systems in the USA

While there are about 15 solar panel cleaning robotic manufacturers in the market worldwide few are actually servicing the US market. Relysm services the US market and offer solar panel cleaning robots for the commercial & Industrial and utility scale segment. Their product line can clean just about any solar panel installation and at the lowest cost.

Best solar panel cleaning robots

The solar panel cleaning robotic industry is very young and these are the following brands on the market. In our opinion, hyCLEANER leads the commercial and industrial segment. SCM solar leads the utility scale solar panel cleaning robotics segment. The right robot saves you a lot of money.

Commercial & Industrial solar panel cleaning robots include:




Utility Scale solar panel cleaning robots include:

SCM Solar


Solar ACM

Arcelor Mittal






Jetson Robotics

Can solar panel cleaning be automated and if so how?

Solar panel cleaning can be automated to a certain degree. Commercial and Industrial solar installations can be cleaned by solar panel cleaning robots that are operated by a person. This person uses a remote control to direct the robot over the panels. With utility scale installations, you can use a robot that goes back and forth across the array but need operator assistence.