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Improve your solar asset performance by adopting solar panel cleaning robotics, anti-soiling coating, PV soil monitoring, and analytics

Clean solar panels maximize efficiency and create predictable energy and revenue outputs

We provide specialized engineering services and design optimum solar panel cleaning systems.

Panels need to be clean to produce energy.

Solar panels are an excellent investment but demand maintenance just like any machine. All panels need a be clean to produce energy. It’s a simple task, but not necessarily easy. Each installation is unique and not all robots work on all installations. Choosing the right robot increases your productivity and decreases cleaning complexity and costs significantly. 

Our Smart & Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions cover:

  • Utility-Scale Solar Installations
  • Commercial and industrial installations
  • PV Anti-soiling products
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Software
  • PV soiling monitoring
  • Bird Deterrent Systems

Limpieza de paneles solares en seco y humedo
NextGen PV Soiling Mitigation

Our Services

Dedicated to optimal solar panel cleaning and PV soiling mitigation

Solar Panel Cleaning Engineering and Consulting

Yes, engineering can be applied to the solar panel cleaning industry! 1 MW of energy requires approximately 3125 solar panels but here is the catch, they only work when they are clean. We help solar C&I and utility-scale companies find the best way to clean their solar panels at the lowest possible cost in the design phase and once the solar farm is active. Reduce the standard 14 – 30% O&M costs due to cleaning by hiring our specialized engineering firm.

Limpieza automatizada de granjas solares

Automated Cleaning Solutions for every type of installation

We bring automation to solar panel cleaning. We reduce your cleaning cost by over 30%. Our services are cheaper, faster, and more effective than cleaning by hand which is how 99% of the market is solving the problem today.

Smart Solar Panel Cleaning (Performance-based solar panel cleaning) Solutions

We clean your panels based on real soiling information and performance loss. We monitor soiling levels in real-time and determine the cost of being dirty and compare this information with the cost of cleaning. We design and help you implement an efficient and lean solar panel cleaning system. Clean your site when the cost of cleaning < performance loss.

Our Products

PV Soiling Monitors, Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery, Solar Panel Cleaning Software, DI filtration systems, SolarSiphon clips and much more.

Official distributor of the best commercial and industrial-scale solar panel cleaning robots.

Do you want to start a solar panel cleaning company or are you looking to automate your services to bring down costs? We bring the best C&I solar panel cleaning robots to market.

Our products clean all types of solar panel installations

Use the right robot-cleaning system.

Utility Scale Solar Installations

These installations demand more sophisticated robot-cleaning systems with wet and/or dry cleaning, robust brushes, automation, tractor mounting options, and more. Each utility scale installation is unique and big. Cleaning a 100 MW plant requires solar panel cleaning engineers to develop low cost and effective solutions. On utility-scale installations, cleaning represents 14 – 25% of the O&M costs.

The accumulation of dust, soot, or other particulates causes a drop in the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) panels, which translates to a decline in the amount of power produced and lost income for their operators. But cleaning these solar panels carries a cost as well.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the energy lost can result in performance loss levels of 0.5% to 1.5% per day

The cost of performance loss is real however the cost of cleaning is also significant. It costs us money to be dirty. 

We should clean when the cost to do so is less than the energy loss from being dirty. 

 Using the right robots is one part of the equation but the other part is designing the right solar panel cleaning system for your utility-scale solar installation.

We enrich our know-how by working with solar farm cleaning companies like Max Production.

Commercial & Industrial solar installations

Robots optimized for commercial and industrial installations provide higher cleaning speeds than residential robots, with quick assembly. Commercial and industrial robots must be OSHO compliant to reduce employer liability and be extremely productive to help businesses be more competitive.

  • Official distributors of the best solar panel cleaning robots for C&I installations.
  • Training
  • Spare Parts
  • Technical service

Robots designed for cleaning utility scale solar installations

We recommend that new up-and-coming utility-scale solar installations be designed for low-cost O&M and for existing solar installations we recommend bringing the cost of O&M down by implementing smart solar panel cleaning systems.  

Key factors include:

  • Climate; panels in arid and humid regions will become dirty at different rates and in different seasons. Areas with periodic high humidity, little rainfall, and wind may see dirtier panels.
  • Type of dirt; does it stick to the panels or tend to blow away? The sheer number of panels means the system can experience a substantial drop in energy production based on the quantity and type of dirt present. 
  • Panel configuration: single rows of panels require a different approach to cleaning compared to groups of panels.
  • Fixed Tilt vs Tracker installations; those with moving parts often require a different approach.

Cleaning systems for utility-scale installations is a very complex and important part of solar park operations and maintenance. The wrong robot will increase O&M complexity and costs. 

We’ll help you choose the system that suits your needs.

Robots designed for cleaning commercial and industrial installations

Commercial and industrial solar panel installations tend to be larger and more complex than residential installations, which require different cleaning robots to maximize efficiency.

Key features of these robots are:

  • Quick and easy assembly to minimize downtime.
  • Easy portability for quickly moving the machine when necessary.
  • Robust build quality for long life in daily use.
  • Fast cleaning speed to minimize cleaning time.
  •  Adaptable and conformable design to avoid wasting time in installations with irregularities or large spaces between panels.
  • Ability to operate on steep inclines.

Not all machines hit those marks, but we offer multiple options and we’ll help you choose the system that works for you.

Solar installations are projected to grow over 320 giga watts in the United States in the next 10 years. If you can perform more work each day, you’ll see profitability increase, and the right machines will help you do that.

How do you select the right panel-cleaning robot for your system?

You’ll find many choices, and Relysm can help. We are experts in solar energy systems and are authorized dealers for multiple high-quality robot-cleaning systems. We’ll help you choose the best robot application for your system.

Panel-cleaning robots vary greatly in their features and capabilities, so we’ll evaluate the following demands in helping you choose a system:

  • Cleaning speed measured in square meters per hour.
  • Maximum working incline.
  • Dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning capability.
  • Ideal application: residential, commercial, or solar farm. 
  • Maximum panel spacing. 
  • Maximum remote control range.
  • Robot assembly time, ease, portability, and weight.
  • Total weight in accordance with panel manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Transport and equipment requirements for use.
  • Power requirements: solar, electrical, or battery.
  • Water consumption rates (Water is expensive)
  • Ability to clean marine solar farms.
  • Guarantee.

Robots designed for both wet cleaning and dry cleaning

Solar panels can be effectively cleaned with both wet and dry cleaning. The method used depends on the climate and type of dirt/soiling on the panels. 

Some installations, in arid areas for example, can be thoroughly dry-cleaned with brushes; no water or other cleaning solvent is necessary. Arid areas most often require this type of cleaning, and frequency of cleaning needed depends on the local conditions.

Panels soiled with bird dropping and tree sap, in contrast, usually require wet cleaning. A pre-treatment may be necessary before the robots are put to work and this also depends on the local conditions. 

The amount of rainfall on the panels is a major factor in their cleanliness and efficiency, but panels in all climates require regular cleaning, with wet or dry. Relysm offers systems that can handle both types of cleaning.

After-sales service

Relysm is an official distributor for multiple systems for cleaning photovoltaic panels. We also provide parts and service for all systems we sell. We help train your staff as well.

Spare Parts

Stock of spare parts.
We stock a full line of spare parts for all the cleaning robots we sell.

Continuous Training

We offer expert training for use of the solar panel cleaning robots we sell.

Technical Service

Anytime you need service for your system, we are here to help.

We researched the entire market of solar panel cleaning robots and chose the best for cost, durability, and features.

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We’re a team of architects and engineers with deep knowledge of photovoltaic systems, and solar panel cleaning systems.


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Our team of experts has vast real-world experience coupled with top-level training.

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We guarantee our service and products at all points in the process.

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