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Energy Efficiency – The best way to cost savings and ROI optimization

Our energy efficiency consulting is focused on personalized customer service and innovation. Through the incorporation of the most recent technological advances in energy efficiency, we focus on providing improvement proposals and specialized solutions for each project, which will lead to lower costs and improve ROI. The basis of our work is to optimize energy consumption by intervening in each phase of the project through passive and active strategies, energy generation systems and process management throughout the entire useful life of a project: Design, use, operation and maintenance.

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Our team of architects and engineers will not rest until you optimize the costs and times of your project to the maximum. Through energy modeling and simulation we offer customized solutions for the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction and industry (AEC).

Energy efficiency and sustainability is a key factor in the architecture of the 21st century and from RELYSM we offer the best solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, responding in an interdisciplinary way to each of its phases to create better designs and more profitable projects.

Starting from a simulation study and calculation of the energy balance through virtual tools such as Designbuilder and its complementation with Building Information Modeling (BIM), going through design processes and comparison of optimization proposals, and following through the entire process of execution and maintenance, we are committed to meeting the expectations of each of the intervening agents, from the investor to the builders, always with the goal focused on reducing costs. If you are looking for the perfect balance between quality, speed and professionalism without losing the personal touch that characterizes us, we are your best option.

RELYSM is made up of a group of engineers and architects dedicated to energy efficiency and specialized in sustainability who are obsessed with reducing energy consumption and optimizing return of investment periods. The starting point of our work is always to respond to the customer through innovation. Our team of professionals combines their extensive experience in the sector with the latest advances in technology, such as the implementation of Generative Design in each process to offer the most successful solutions. We have participated in a wide range of projects, which allows us to give accurate answers to each situation.

In addition, we are committed to meeting the highest international standards, which leads us to be constantly on the move towards the future and refinement. If you want to be part of this evolution, let us help you.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Architecture

Reduce the kwh / year energy demand of your building through passive strategies integrated into the architecture in both new and existing buildings.

Our process includes the auditing and analysis of preexistence, energy simulations and calculation of energy balance through the most powerful and reliable engines on the market. From this, proposals for improvement are developed and compared based on the benefits they entail, taking into consideration the fundamental principles of sustainable architecture:

  • Solar radiation and shadows analysis.
  • Shape and facade analysis, taking into consideration the transmittance and thermal inertia of each construction element.
  • Efficient natural and artificial lighting, taking into account the needs of the environment and the activity to be carried out.
  • Natural ventilation through a study of flows and implementation of cutting-edge techniques.
  • Use and exploitation of water from the network and from natural sources.

We accompany you throughout the design, implementation and control process.

Renewable Energy and Efficiency in Air Conditioning

It integrates active, renewable and clean energy generation systems with photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electrical energy and thermal solar panels for the generation of hot water for sanitary use, heating and even for industrial application.

In addition, it considers both solar collection systems and other efficient generation methods such as aerothermal, geothermal and biomass, to develop an efficient air conditioning system guaranteeing hygrothermal comfort conditions with the lowest possible energy consumption.

We cover all the comfort needs requested by the building code and regulations, including:

  • Heating.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Artificial ventilation and air renewal with heat recovery.
  • Humidity control.

These systems present results directly translated into a reduction in Kwh / Year consumption. Observe how your annual expenses decrease thanks to the application of energy efficiency techniques and active systems to generate clean and green energy.

Energy Certifications, Health and Wellness

How efficient is my building?

There are various evaluation and scoring processes in architecture that will allow us to obtain international energy certifications. At Relysm we can provide you with specialized attention in the LEED, DGNB, WELL, PASSIVHAUS, BREEAM and VERDE certifications.

We also carry out energy Certificates according to the regulations of each region and country, such as the Spanish RD 235/2013, using the CE3, CE3X, HULC, TRNSYS software to obtain the energy rating of the property.

In addition, we are specialists in health and wellness parameters, controlling aspects such as indoor and outdoor air quality, and water quality to keep pollution at levels that are not harmful to the users health.

We also offer management services for the correct selection of healthy materials and construction techniques to minimize air pollution with chemical agents, organic compounds and microbiological contamination.

Energy Management and Environmental Impact Analysis

We cover the figure of the Facility manager focused on energy efficiency, maintenance savings and ROI optimization, which will allow you to enhance the use and exploitation stage of buildings based on:

  • Monitoring of processes and consumption for their improvement and optimization, allowing the saving of associated costs, through KPIs control.
  • Implementation of protocols such as IPMVP or internationally renowned standards such as ISO 50001.
  • Electric energy and gas consumption billing study defining periods of use and power or type of hired rate.

We carry out full life cycle analysis and environmental impact studies of buildings, processes and products.

We calculate the carbon footprint in MJ and CO2 and help you reduce it to comply with all international standards.

Further optimize material selection and utilization from the design process to the usage stage with Generative design and BIM modeling.

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Senior civil engineers and architects dedicated to optimal energy efficiency, reduced costs and measurable ROI for buildings


Specialized Engineers dedicated to Energy Efficiency Engineering

Relysm boutique consulting services are composed of specialized engineers and architects dedicated to energy efficiency

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Relysm boutique consulting services are composed of specialized engineers and architects dedicated to energy efficiency

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Relysm boutique consulting services are composed of specialized engineers and architects dedicated to energy efficiency

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    Frequently asked questions

    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability FAQ.

    What is Sustainability Consulting

    Sustainability Consulting is a type of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) where technical experts such as energy efficiency consultant, green building consulting, renewable energy consultants and more improve the assets performance while minimizing risk to the environment

    How is the MEP BIM Modeling sector evolving?

    “While MEP BIM modeling has been around for over a decade, the “evolved MEP BIM Modeling service” offers high critical thinking engineering in the BIM modeling phase. In other words, the high quality engineering is defined in the actual MEP BIM model instead of just having a junior modeler complete the MEP BIM Model checklist. A senior MEP contractor transmits his or her know-how to the BIM modeler to guarentee an ideal MEP solution.

    Is BIM Modeling utilized in building energy modeling?

    Yes! BIM modeling and building energy modeling are a very powerful combination if used together.